About Caliper

Caliper is a Vancouver based design and fabrication studio specializing in wood

A unique world of furniture

The studio’s work is deeply rooted in architecture and handcraft, merging the two and forming a unique world of furniture. Caliper creates architecturally inspired design, and focuses on spatial impact through wood centred pieces that can act as both furniture and art.

Custom built wood furniture

Caliper was found in 2018

Mark Aseltine founded the studio after having studied and practiced architecture for a decade both locally and abroad. In 2018, following several years of fabrication experience, he set out to bring together his various passions into one reality. Since then he has been working towards creating an aesthetic that suits his vision and the needs of the clients around him.

Wood worker boots

Artist statement

My inspiration comes from hundreds of years of hand craft combined with the sensibility of new technologies and techniques. The art of handcrafted wood furniture is one which will never die. I am simply making a small mark on the long and wonderful history of the craft, carving out my little piece of it for anyone to enjoy.