About Caliper

Caliper is a Vancouver based design and fabrication studio specializing in wood

A unique world of furniture

Caliper is a Vancouver-based design and fabrication studio specializing in wood. The studio’s work celebrates the legacy and tradition of handcraft through a contemporary, architectural lens. Caliper’s work straddles the boundary between furniture and art, considering human interaction and spatial impact during every step of the design process.

Custom built wood furniture


Mark Aseltine founded the studio in 2018, combining a decade of architectural experience and extensive fabrication knowledge into one passion-fuelled project, Caliper. As an architect, Mark was drawn to learning about space and material along with local customs, design aesthetics, proportion and function. He spent much of his childhood helping his father in their home woodshop, and later, at the Dalhousie University studio where he produced architectural models and full-scale details of door handles and other architectural elements from wood.

Today, Mark’s unique style of woodwork can be found in residential, commercial and gallery spaces. He works closely with architects, interior designers and design-forward individuals to create dream-like spaces that are anchored by the timeless and powerful presence of wood.

Mark believes that the art of handcrafted wood furniture is one that will never die. Through Caliper he hopes to honour its storied past while propelling it into the future with new technologies and techniques.

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Artist statement

My inspiration comes from hundreds of years of hand craft combined with the sensibility of new technologies and techniques. The art of handcrafted wood furniture is one which will never die. I am simply making a small mark on the long and wonderful history of the craft, carving out my little piece of it for anyone to enjoy.