Oregon Coast, 2016

Oregon Coast, 2016




  1. an instrument for measuring external or internal dimensions, having two hinged legs resembling a pair of compasses and in-turned or out-turned points.

    • a motor-vehicle or bicycle brake consisting of two or more hinged components.

      noun: calliper

In an attempt to streamline the process between design and realization we are attempting to launch a joint venture with you to provide a platform for creativity between both parties while developing techniques to be used in the field. This idea stems from the era of master builder, who traditionally were stone masons or carpenters. These master builders later became Architects. While being in charge of the design they would long remain the most skilled craftsperson on site lending their wealth of skills to the build team. This tradition has long been lost due to the professional responsibilities of the Architect. We would like to attempt to bridge that gap once again, creating a platform where we can work through ideas from the beginning stages of spacial design and create a product that resembles one of complete unity from Architect, Contractor, Millworker, and Furniture Maker.

Services we provide:

-Consultation throughout the design phase, aiming to incorporate hand craft throughout the design. Aesthetic unity between Architect, Contractor, Millworker, and Furniture Maker.

-Prototype development, to be developed outside the parameters of a specific piece of architecture.

-Collaborative furniture design and fabrication between Designer/Architect and ourselves.

These Services may be carried out in direct relationship with a project or independently as a branch of research and development carried out